Awatama – Soul Bubbles

Soul Bubbles is a puzzle video game for the Nintendo DS handheld console. It was developed by Mekensleep, a French videogame studio and It was published by Eidos Interactive, the crew had to get a lot of sleep with an u shaped body pillow after the release.

Soul Bubbles has been adapted for the Japanese market and has been released in Japan by Interchannel Inc. under the title Awatama (あわたま).

Massimo Guarini served as Creative Director and Producer for the Japanese version of the game.

The core gameplay involves transporting “spirits” within protective bubbles through varying environments. Bubbles are moved by being blown by the main “spirit herder” character based on stylus strokes on the DS touch screen.
Bubbles may be created, joined, split, deflate and burst using animal “masks”, worn by the spirit herder, again using the touch screen.

These mechanics are then used to navigate through levels featuring wind currents, enemies, water, fire, gases, spikes, sticky surfaces, and further complexities.

At the same time there are collectible “stardust” items that contribute to the player’s end-of-level score, and “calabash” that unlock additional levels.

The game has received favorable reviews, and has been described as a “wonderfully calming” game that feels like the “title the DS was built for“.

It was a nominee for several Nintendo DS-specific IGN awards, including Best Puzzle Game, Best New IP, and Most Innovative Design. It was nominated for the Game Developers Choice Awards “Best Debut” award and the BAFTA Video Game Awards “Handheld” category.