Hello Kitty and Friends!

Join Hello Kitty and her friends for a Happy party and have some fun!

Get together and enjoy their many activities, including shopping, cooking, dress making, dressing up, dancing and العاب بنات flash cards – all in the cute and lovable style that has made the Hello Kitty franchise a hit all around the world.

Developed by Compile Hearts and Produced by Massimo Guarini, “Happy Party with Hello Kitty and Friends!” has been published in Europe by Gamebridge / Rising Star Games.

22 mini-games including:
Have a party – send out personalised invitations to any of Hello Kitty’s friends.
Dress making – participate in activities such as dress cutting, sewing and ironing or play the button game, material hoopla or the maze game.
Shopping – do the shopping for your party by selecting items from your list.
Cooking – satisfy your culinary appetite by cooking, slicing, frying, frying, washing and even cleaning.
Partying – party away by dancing or playing spot the difference, the slide puzzle, the memory game or just decorate.