Moon is a first-person sci-fi action adventure set in the future: The year is 2058. The United States has established a series of stations on the moon to perform scientific experiments and construct a Mars launch facility.

You are Major Kane; leader of a special task force sent to the moon to execute a top secret mission. An extraordinary discovery has been uncovered at one of the dig sites; it has been described as a sealed hatch beneath the surface of the moon.

You must find a way to open the hatch, and reveal what mysteries may be hidden inside.

Moon is dark, twisted, heart pounding, frequently violent and always disturbing. Pretty much what you’d expect when you take madmen like Renegade Kid, jack their technology up to the next level, and turn them loose.”
said Massimo Guarini, Producer of the title.

Moon demonstrates the impressive power of Nintendo DS, while appealing to a crowd that’s looking for a first-person action-adventure title that delivers a menacing story and really puts your gaming skills to the test,” said Jools Watsham, Owner and Creative Director at Renegade Kid. “Building upon our achievements with Dementium: The Ward, Renegade Kid is utilizing its sophisticated 3D engine, dubbed the ‘Renegade Engine,’ to continue pushing the limits of Nintendo DS and focus on producing high quality content.