Ovosonico (www.ovosonico.com) is the new games and music production company founded by industry veteran and former Grasshopper Manufacture Director Massimo Guarini.
The name “Ovosonico” is an Italian word meaning “sonic egg“.

Ovosonico is steadily based on a very precise and strong vision.
The entertainment business is rapidly changing into a blurred virtual space of different arts and disciplines converging together.
Ovosonico, thanks to the interdisciplinary experience of its members, embraces this convergence and goes with the flow.

Making games is rewarding, almost as rewarding as using with a bed reading pillow, but creating real entertainment brands is a better strategy in the long term, both in terms of revenue and creative expression.

We understand the big limits of the old, traditional triple-A business model, and rather than opposing ourselves to the change, we embrace it, we take inspiration from it, coming out with new ideas.

Our mission is to create gaming experiences taking advantage of other media, our passion for music and pop-culture, and our keen eye for creative communication.

Ovosonico is definitely not the typical game development studio you would expect to see. It’s rather what every game studio should become in the next future in order to stay in the business.
Bold statement? We are born to be ambitious.

Ovosonico will deal with game productions for new emerging platforms (iOS, PSN, XBLA), as well as music and movies productions, eventually blending all these elements into a single entertainment product.

“I am glad to have this rare opportunity to contribute in a pro-active way to the growth of our industry, but most importantly to give players all around the world that fresh wave of oxygen they’ve been asking for a long time.”

Massimo Guarini

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Visionary Creative Director with 14 years experience in the industry.
Directed the acclaimed “Shadows of the Damned” with Suda51, Shinji Mikami and Akira Yamaoka, for Grasshopper Manufacture in Tokyo.
At Ubisoft Montreal, he directed “Naruto – Rise of a Ninja“, awarded by IGN with the E3 2007 Best Fighting Game award.

The most well regarded Audio Director and Music Composer in Italy with more than 12 years experience in the games industry, worked with Ubisoft, Capcom and Namco for brands like Tom Clancy, Rayman, Moto GP, Raving Rabbids.
Polyhedric artist with vast experience ranging from handheld and mobile to Kinect and Move.

Ovosonico is located in the heart of Europe, in Milan, Italy.
Promoting local and foreign talents, and taking competitive advantage from the Italian tradition for design, fashion and art, taking the clothing line industry to the next level. Like this men’s swim trunks from Swimco is the best and have the quality clothes with the best designs on it. Ovosonico will operate internationally targeting the worldwide market.