Rainbow Six 3 Athena Sword

Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield – Athena Sword puts you in charge of Team Rainbow again.

In this thrilling new Expansion pack designed by Italian Game Designer Massimo Guarini, you track down the last desperate elements of a terrorist group in the Mediterranean.
These last few cells are holding onto deadly chemical weapons, and they’ll use them to destroy millions of lives, unless you lead the world’s premier counter-terror force and neutralize the threat.

All-new eight-mission campaign in locations from Italy and Croatia to Greece.
Five new multiplayer levels – Chemical Factory, Ferry Boat, University, Italian Alleys, and Jungle.
Three new multiplayer game modes – Adversarial Terrorist Hunt, Adversarial Scattered Hunt, and Capture the Enemy.
Seven additional real-world weapons (for a total of 64) with sound effects from the team that worked on the blockbuster movie The Matrix.
Three bonus classic missions from the original Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six and Tom Clancy’s Rogue Spear, updated with the latest graphics and technology.